August 22nd, 2021

My 5 Star books in the first half of 2021

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At the start of 2021, I set off with a goal to read more conistently throughout the year. With this, I have read a few of what I would call 5 start books. In order for books to earn my 5 star rating, they must check a few boxes. First, they must make me feel. This one can be tricky, as I am usually pretty even keel, it takes a lot to make me feel something deeply. Second, the book must teach me a message that I can apply to my life consitently, or a lesson that I have to deeply reflect on. Lastly, a 5 star book must leave me with a feeling like I am missing a long lost friend once the book is finished, this is what some call a book hangover. There is a trend in my 5 star books, they are all historical fiction reads. I have always been drawn to historic fiction as I feel this genre gives you a window into the past and allows you to reflect on the present. With that being said, here are my 5 star reads from January-June 2021.

The Vanishing Half By. Britt Bennett /Historical Fiction. Why I love it. This book jumps between time frames, and points of view, following twin sisters throughout their lives. Britt Bennett was able to use her unique writing to make these stories mold and keep you hooked throughout the entirety of the book. This book makes you think about race, and not just how it has shaped the past, but how it impacts the present.

The Nightingale By. Kristin Hannah /Historical Fiction. Why I love it. So many feels. This book made me cry more than any book I have ever read, and as I said above, this is difficult to do. Kristin Hannah has a way of writing that makes you connect with the characters and feel like you know them personally.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo By. Taylor Jenkins Reid / Historical Fiction. Why I love it. This book had so many unexpected twists and turns, I couldn’t help but turn the page. I read this book in 3 days, which is extremly quick for me during the school year, I simply could not put it down. I could not stop thinking about the characters and their story when I was finished.

The Four Winds By. Kristin Hannah /Historical Fiction. Why I love it. Another book by Kristin Hannah that makes you feel all the feels. I would have to say that if you only have time to read one Kristin Hannah book, I would reccomend The nightingale. But, this book is still amazing, the struggle the family endures made me think many times about the current Covid-19 Pandemic and the struggles many families are facing. This book reminded me that we can do hard things, and what is right, is often times, not the easiest route to take.